Tips on How to Write an Effective Research Essay

Tips on How to Write an Effective Research Essay

This article will give you some general guidelines for your successful essay writing experience. You should base your essay on these simple but important rules and follow the format your teacher demands from you. The most effective essays develop from a clear understanding of given instructions for each particular program or course.

General Essay Writing Tips

Before you start writing your essay, you should keep these simple principles in mind:

  • Less is more – Of course, you have a lot you want to say no matter what your topic is. But it does not mean you should write everything that is on your mind. Try to focus on the most important and relevant details instead.
  • Be scrupulous – Select a certain unifying theme of your essay and organise your paper around this particular topic. Do not just list your facts and evidence. You need to highlight some details and describe the way you felt about particular events. Describe your experience and what you have learned.
  • Avoid clichés – Remember that one personal detail is worth a hundred clichés. To achieve this positive effect, you should not make too general statements that can be copy-pasted to any other paper of the same topic. Provide maximum details that demonstrate your uniqueness and individuality.
  • Help your audience – Make sure that your reader understands the way you provided the information. Every aspect of the paper must be clear and understandable, so do not forget to explain any tough moments.  
  • Follow instructions – Be sure to follow all the instructions your tutor gave you very carefully. Give clear answers to the main questions and do not exceed the required word-count!
  • Outline The second step you should do before your writing and after researching is the outline. This point is often underestimated by students. But just think if you would dare to have a trip without a road map? That’s right! This thing will help you to organise the whole process and keep the main point in mind. Do not make it too fancy and just write it in a free form.
  • Proofread and revise – Any grammar or spelling mistakes you make, decrease your chances. Take time to proofread your paper and polish it. Another way, you will just ruin your work no matter how cool and interesting your content is.

Main Points

Your writing strategy should consist of three simple points:

  • Topic
  • Auditory
  • Message

Just keep these things in your mind and base your entire paper around it.


Just like the Outline, this step of essay writing process is underestimated by students regularly. Do not make this huge mistake. Preparations are extremely important if you want to write a successful essay and gain high results. So, the first thing before you will start your research and writing is brainstorming. Start as early as you can and generate ideas that will make your essay unique and truly interesting. Note each of your ideas describing it by just a few words or phrases.


So, it is the time for real writing. There can be few different drafts for your essay. But there are just two you need to write for sure – the first and the last one. And the first one should be written in a free form, as we said before. Just write without thinking about mistakes and grammar. Get your thoughts down on the paper and use your outline to organise it.

Just try everything possible to find your own way and style while writing that very first draft. And forget about revising and editing it till you’re done. Start with the Introduction paragraph and proceed with the Body. Here you should describe your point of view and support it with facts and evidence. Finish your essay with the strong and convincing Conclusion using EssayToolBox Conclusion Generator.


It is the first part of your essay, and it will identify the entire path of your speaking. Here you should state your topic question and involve your reader to continue with your paper. The best trick for that task is to include some cool hook into your Introduction. It will get your reader interested. Sometimes writers use questions or shocking facts for that purpose. No matter what you will choose, it will fit any academic essay format.

  • Body

It is the main part of your essay. Here you will have to present all the evidence and facts you have about your topic. It should be divided into paragraphs with different content, but the same meaning. Also, all essay writing services use special links between each paragraph to make them more solid.

  • Conclusion

And this part is the last one. It is a simple summary of what you have already told in your Introduction and Body. Here you should make your final statement about the thesis you had in your Introduction.


As we said before, you should not think about editing while you write any of your drafts. You should have your editing time scheduled before. Mistakes and poor grammar can ruin even the most interesting and effective essays. So, stay serious about this point and make your paper shine.

Thesis Statement

The typical statement thesis definition says that it is a major argument of the topic you are going to write about. This is the point that gives some particular direction for your entire paper, and you should follow it strictly. So, what is a thesis, its purpose, and how can it be developed? This point should demonstrate your complete comprehension of the subject and the research project you are dealing with.

So, you have decided to write your first essay. Well, congrats! This task is not too tough to deal with, but if you want to be sure you get the best grade possible, let us write your paper for you. The highest quality is guaranteed. Order our professional writing help today to gain success tomorrow.